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Mobile Equipment

Air Touch Mobile Xray System

Air Touch Mobile X-ray

The Air Touch system brings X-ray imaging directly to the patient's bedside, eliminating the need for transfers to imaging facilities. It streamlines the diagnostic process, minimizing patient discomfort and enhancing efficiency.

During initial wound care visits, the Air Touch System swiftly rules out bone infection by capturing high-resolution images of the affected area. This early detection capability allows for timely intervention and tailored treatment plans, optimizing patient outcomes and reducing complications.

Smart ABI System

Smart ABI

The Smart ABI is a portable vascular testing machine for evaluating blood flow in the lower extremity, vital for mobile wound care.

Smart ABI quickly measures vascular health. It detects arterial blockages or abnormalities or medium and large blood vessels, crucial for identifying vascular complications affecting wound healing.

TCOM Machine

TCOM Machine

The TCOM machine provides non-invasive evaluation of tissue oxygen levels. By measuring oxygen tension across the skin, it offers valuable insights into tissue perfusion and oxygen delivery to the wound site.

TCOM is an acronym for "Transcutaneous Oximetry Measurement," and allows for evaluation of the smallest blood vessels and oxygen levels at skin level.

Topical Oxygen Machine

Topical Oxygen

A Potential Solution for Stubborn Wounds

Out of all the ways to treat wounds, not many are better than using topical oxygen. It's even more effective than hyperbaric oxygen. However, one issue with topical oxygen is that it isn't approved by any Medicare plans. Luckily, Dr. Barber has figured out a way to provide topical oxygen to many of his patients through his professional connections.

Dr. Barber hopes that in the coming years topical oxygen will become more commonly used around North Texas.

Ultrasound Debridement Machine

Ultrasound Debridement

The Arobello Ultrasound debridement machine ensures pain-free debridement for all wounds, including those causing discomfort.

Wounds with insufficient blood flow should avoid debridement unless infected. Yet, the Arobello machine's non-contact system allows safe use even with compromised blood flow, ensuring effective treatment delivery for all wounds, regardless of blood flow, offering a versatile wound care solution.

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