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Mobile Wound Treatment

We Bring the Wound Care Specialists to Your Home

We provide wound care services to the foot and leg to people in Denton and Cooke county in Texas and the surrounding area. Dr. Barber, a podiatrist, offers in-home treatments and manages the wound care regimen. 

Dr. David Barber

About Dr. Barber

With extensive experience in wound care and limb preservation, Dr. David Barber is a highly skilled professional in this field. He has received training from some of the top limb preservation and infectious disease specialists in the country. Dr. Barber is Board Certified Through The American Board of Podiatric Medicine.

Using the most advanced technology, Dr. Barber strives to achieve the best results for his patients with ulcers and wounds. His commitment to patient outcomes is the driving force behind his work.


Improved Healing Rates

Our service boasts a remarkable track record in rapidly closing wounds. The most notable case involved a complex wound persisting for over five years, which, despite treatment by three wound specialists centers, remained open. However, after approximately 8 months of our care, it finally closed, providing the patient with peace of mind and ending the cycle of persistent infections.


Enhanced Patient Oversight

All patients receive continuous monitoring by both Dr. Barber and a qualified wound care nurse. Dr. Barber conducts weekly evaluations of the wound, tirelessly seeking solutions to expedite wound closure. Additionally, wounds are typically evaluated and changed about three times a week by nurses in instances when Dr. Barber is not present, ensuring optimal healing progress.


Increased Patient Savings

Closing wounds rapidly not only saves money but also valuable time, significantly reducing the risk of infections and associated burdens such as frequent hospitalizations and prolonged courses of intravenous antibiotics, sometimes lasting up to 6 weeks, which are both cumbersome and expensive. However, by accelerating wound closure, these costs can be significantly reduced.

  • What insurances are accepted?
    Currently, we can only accept Medicare and Medicare advantage PPO plans for mobile wound treatment services. We do not Accept WellMed insurance
  • Is my location close enough?
    Each location and visit is evaluated on an individual basis due to logistical constraints. Our goal is to assist as many patients as we can, however, to minimize travel time, we are carefully considering demand.
  • What wounds are treated?
    At present, Dr. Barber's scope of treatment is limited to wounds located below the knee. However, we hope to expand our services to include the entire body in the near future, with the addition of another highly qualified wound care professional to our team.
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